State Notices

License numbers

Below are our licenses for each state with links to their Board of Pharmacy:

Alabama(opens in a new tab)115131
Alaska(opens in a new tab)187972
Arizona(opens in a new tab)Y009064
Arkansas(opens in a new tab)OS03145
California(opens in a new tab)NRP2772
Colorado(opens in a new tab)OSP.0007582
Connecticut(opens in a new tab)PCN.0004018
Delaware(opens in a new tab)A9-0012757
District Of Columbia(opens in a new tab)NRX2202097
Florida(opens in a new tab)PH33566
Georgia(opens in a new tab)PHNR002201
Hawaii(opens in a new tab)PMP-1931
Idaho(opens in a new tab)65652MS
Illinois(opens in a new tab)54.022144
Indiana(opens in a new tab)64003338A
Iowa(opens in a new tab)5518
Kansas(opens in a new tab)22-118036
Kentucky(opens in a new tab)MA2937
Louisiana(opens in a new tab)PHY.008491-NR
Maine(opens in a new tab)MO40003109
Maryland(opens in a new tab)P08589
Massachusetts(opens in a new tab)DS90363
Michigan(opens in a new tab)5301012794
Minnesota(opens in a new tab)266414
Mississippi(opens in a new tab)18421 / 7.1
Missouri(opens in a new tab)2022035941
Montana(opens in a new tab)PHA-MOP-LIC-91543
Nebraska(opens in a new tab)1598
Nevada(opens in a new tab)PH04474
New Hampshire(opens in a new tab)NR2258
New Jersey(opens in a new tab)28RO00229200
New Mexico(opens in a new tab)PH00005345
New York(opens in a new tab)039217
North Carolina(opens in a new tab)15013
North Dakota(opens in a new tab)Phar1886
Ohio(opens in a new tab)242000328
Oklahoma(opens in a new tab)99-9254
Oregon(opens in a new tab)RP-0003805-CS
Pennsylvania(opens in a new tab)NP001883
Rhode Island(opens in a new tab)PHN12336
South Carolina(opens in a new tab)21035
South Dakota(opens in a new tab)400-2256
Tennessee(opens in a new tab)0000007195
Texas(opens in a new tab)34486
Utah(opens in a new tab)12582584-1708
Vermont(opens in a new tab)036.0134585
Virginia(opens in a new tab)0214002531
Washington(opens in a new tab)PHNR.FO.61251843
West Virginia(opens in a new tab)MO0561772
Wisconsin(opens in a new tab)2930-43
Wyoming(opens in a new tab)NR-52060

Florida residents

Florida residents can visit The Agency for Health Care Administration(opens in a new tab) for more information about the health-related policies and planning entities for the state.

New York residents

A retail drug price list is available upon request. New York residents may request a copy of this retail drug price list by emailing or calling (866) 445-6252.

Ownership and contact details

  • Ownership: KPB is owned by Koala Pet Health Services LLC
  • Address: 179 South Street, Suite 100, Boston, MA 02111
  • Phone number: (866) 445-6252
  • Operating since: 2021
  • COO: Dane Osmanski
  • PIC: Ben Nadeau